The Property API provides easy access to over 150 million property records from local public records data.


Whether you're building your own listings page, doing backend analytics, or creating the world's next great mobile app, our premium property data will help you get there.

In addition to property details, the API also provides access to recent home sales, individual property sales history, recent home valuations as well as school data and sales trends. Using our API makes every property, whether on or off-market, an opportunity to draw consumers in.


Property Details

Give your customers everything they could ever want to know about a property. From the basics on beds and baths to the specifics on the wall and roof materials, we have the data you need.


Home Valuation

Provide valuations and confidence scores for over 90 million properties and help your customers get the information they need to compare homes and start a conversation about their needs.


Sales History

Looking to give your customers easy access to nearby comparable properties and trends in an area? We have 10 years of sales transaction history on every property and 2 years of trend data ready to be added to your product.

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School Data

Provide the most relevant schools to an address and give your customers the data they need to make a decision on where to send their kids to school.


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