Points of Interest API

The Onboard Points of Interest (POI) API allows a developer to access Points of Interest that represent 15 categories and over 120 lines of business. Points of interest can let your end users know what it’s like to live in a certain area. By knowing where the local grocery store, gym, or bank is located in proximity to their new home, they’ll get a better sense of the community.

What's new in 2.0

Notable changes to the API include the change to the base URL structure and updated security.

URL Structure

V1 URL Structure


V2 URL Structure


Updated Security

Users are no longer required to include their "AccessToken" in the URL request. Instead you'll need to include your APIKey in the request header.

Other Changes

V1 required users to include either mime=xml or mime=json in their URL string to indicate the type of response requested. This is still supported in V2. However, a user can also choose to set "Accept" to either application/json or application/xml in the header to receive the same result.

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